Sheep’s Snout—Irish Heritage Apples

A relatively common cultivar, the Sheep’s snout is a native Irish cider apple from counties Cavan, Westmeath and Waterford. It is a small to medium in size, with an unusual, long conical shape. Very irregular with ribs present. Pale yellow to yellowish green with brown to brownish red flush occasionally. Drawn in graphite pencil overContinue reading “Sheep’s Snout—Irish Heritage Apples”

Aherne Beauty—Irish Heritage Apples

Periodically, I’ll be posting bits about the very interesting heritage apples of Ireland. (Getting my geek on for sure!) Compared to the half dozen varieties we see here in American supermarkets, these oddly unique apple shapes and sizes are endlessly fascinating. Biodiversity at its finest! My goal is to illustrate as many of the varietiesContinue reading “Aherne Beauty—Irish Heritage Apples”

Shakespeare’s First Folio

As part of the national traveling exhibition First Folio! The Book that Gave Us Shakespeare, the first collected edition of Shakespeare’s plays will be on display at 52 sites across the United States next year marking the 400th anniversary of the bard’s death. The University of Colorado Boulder was named Colorado’s host for the “FirstContinue reading “Shakespeare’s First Folio”

Irish heritage apples

One of the unexpected pleasures of my trip was the discovery of the heritage apple orchards at the Irish Seed Savers Association. The Native Apple Collection contains a unique orchard of over 33 self rooting varieties of apple trees that require no grafting for propagation. This is probably the largest collection of this type ofContinue reading “Irish heritage apples”