Ireland’s Wild Orchids

wild orchids susan sex
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Getting a chance to look through a folio edition of “Ireland’s Wild Orchids” was a real thrill. The seven year collaboration between Brendan Sayers, Susan Sex, and The National Botanic Gardens in Dublin is a true work of art. Very few of these large format books were produced so it is hard to find one. The quality of reproduction is so high that the illustrations look like originals! Brendan let me spend time (about 30 minutes) with his copy—thank you!— and I took as many iphone pics as possible. Here are a few examples of Susan’s brilliant work. If I ever win the lottery, this is the my first purchase. Seriously!

burren susan sex
Lovely watercolor painting of the Burren


bloody cranesbill susan
A smaller side painting of the Bloody Cranesbill.