field of cowslips
Cowslips growing in a Burren pasture. Tiny little buggers . . .
At this stage I’ve started to cut up previous drawings so i can move the various parts around. I also enlarged on the copier. It becomes a puzzle that constantly needs to be rearranged to get to that near perfect composition. The next challenge will be to add all the leaves at the bottom.

This weeks class took place at the same time as the Hot Rise concert, so LOTS of fanfare this evening at the Gardens. Got to see some of the show, in between rain showers. The distinctive voice of Tim O’Brien sounds as great as ever.

Week one has been spent working out composition ideas in pencil on tracing paper — this is pretty much how I begin every project. Redrawing and refining on tracing paper. Sometimes two, sometimes many more iterations. For me, tracing paper takes away the fear factor of ruining good quality paper. Every detail gets worked out well before any pencil touches high-end paper. This process is also one of the fundamental techniques taught at the SBAI.

At tonight’s class discussions about composition took place, refinements were made—basically starting over. It’s amazing how another expert set of eyes can make you see the light. Thank you Susan DiMarchi! I’m starting to get it. The goal is to have a finished drawing on tracing paper, and maybe a value study by next Tuesday night. Hopefully, by then we will be ready to transfer our drawings to that beautiful Fabriano Artistico. Next step, color!

Before (on the right), and after (on the left). Many more iterations to come.