Cowslip leaves

A weeks worth of work trying to master Primula leaves. The bottom three were failures, the top three starting to resemble a real cowslip leaf.

This past week was spent struggling to figure out the complex textures of the Primula leaves. I was expending a lot of time and effort and getting unsatisfactory results. My process—underpainting, then layering colors dark to light—just wasn’t working. By the time class started Tuesday night I was really frustrated. But, a brief conversation with Susan1 (Susan Rubin), and some encouragement from Susan2 (Susan Dimarchi), and I was back on track. Not even sure what they said, but the mere fact of being in the classroom got me to focus and see what I was doing wrong. Two instructors for the price of one! SBAI rocks! I still have many hours of leaf drawing ahead but I’m feeling much more confident.

The lesson? GO TO CLASS! That’s where the magic happens.


Here we are in the SBAI classroom, with Susan Rubin making the rounds.
Susan Rubin discusses her recommendation for the best portable pencil sharpener. Love love love tool discussions!