Scarlet Crofton—Irish Heritage Apples

scarlett crofton

The Scarlet Crofton was said to have been brought from England to Sir Malby Crofton, Longford House, County Sligo during the reign of Elizabeth I, in the late 1500’s or early 1600’s. It was re-introduced into England by nurseryman John Robertson of Kilkenny in 1819. It is a medium sized, oblong, slightly uneven apple. Pale yellow to yellowish green, with large areas of deep red/scarlet blush. The skin is covered with net russeting.

Drawn here with Faber Castell color pencils.

Cowslips progressing

cowslip 7-7 Last class was Tuesday night.  All of it was devoted to getting as much individual attention as possible, this being the last chance to talk to the instructor for a month. Everyone is at a different stage in the process. I’m doing ok. I think I’ve solved my leaf problems but I’ve got hours to go before I can call this one finished. My personal deadline for being done and getting a scan is October 1. That should give me plenty of time to tinker. Although I do have other projects lining up in the queue. I’ll post the finished plate as soon as it is completed.

susanR 7-7
SBAI Instructor Susan Rubin discusses with class the art of signing your work. Less is more . . .