Keegan’s Crab—Irish Heritage Apples

It is said that the original tree of this cultivar grew at Ballyhegan, Loughgall, County Armagh, from about 1880. A medium to large apple, round conical in shape and slightly lopsided. Green to slightly yellow green. Occasional net-vein russeting spreading from stem cavity to the basin. Picking mid to late September. Drawn on mylar withContinue reading “Keegan’s Crab—Irish Heritage Apples”

Kerry Pippin—Irish Heritage Apples

The Kerry Pippin was first recorded in Tighes Survey of County Kilkenny in 1802. It was widely grown in Ireland in the 19th century. A small to medium apple. Conical and generally even in shape. Green to yellow in color, flushed orange-red with red stippling. Occasional small russet patches. Picking in mid to late August.Continue reading “Kerry Pippin—Irish Heritage Apples”

Munster Tulip— Irish Heritage Apples

The Munster Tulip was first recorded as growing in the midlands in 1951 in Tullamore and near Horseleap, County Offaly. A large, round, sometimes short, conical apple, usually even in shape. Yellow to light green in color with large patches of dark yellow to light red on the blush side. Picking late August to midContinue reading “Munster Tulip— Irish Heritage Apples”