In Progress

cranesbill inprogress

Here is my in-progress Bloody Cranesbill plate. A fairly common, tough, drought resistant wildflower. Much, much more yet to do. About 50% finished—and just now coming into focus. Truly an inch an hour.

Potions, Poisons and Panaceas

cannabis sativa

I am happy and humbled to find out my Cannabis Sativa will be included in the exhibition Potions, Poisons and Panaceas” featuring plants and fungi with medicinal properties.

The exhibit will run from September 8 through October 28 at the Art Gallery at the Fulginiti Pavilion for Bioethics and Humanities on the CU/Anschutz Medical Campus in Aurora. There will be some very interesting and unusual pieces in this show. Don’t miss it!

Leaves 360

Here is an interesting exercise if you find that your leaf drawings are looking too flat and uniform, a problem I all too often have. Hold a live sample of your plant in your non-drawing hand—in my case Bloody Cranesbill leaves. Start turning the sample and look closely at the variety of angles/views of the leaf. Start drawing and capture as many different views as you can stand to do. This will really help you understand how that plant grows, bends, twists and turns. It’s not easy but it is invaluable. I do this on tracing paper because it takes all the pressure off to produce a “precious” drawing. Keep drawing, keep erasing, work it out!

Thanks to Sarah Simblet for teaching us this technique, and to Susan DiMarchi for making it a homework assignment. Well worth the effort.