Back to the Burren

burren meadow

Just back from my second trip to the Burren in County Clare, where I was dazzled by the abundance and diversity of wildflowers. Everywhere I went I seemed to be knee deep in wildflowers. It is a much different atmosphere than what I saw in May of last year, where plants seemed to be fewer and far between. In fact, within 15 minutes of hiking through my first meadow I saw nearly everything on my list—all together! Bloody Cranesbill, harebells, Oxeye daisies, Mountain Avens, pyramdial orchids, and many, many more I couldn’t readily identify.


I tried to draw and sketch as much as possible, but again the near constant rain made it difficult. I did take dozens of photos, and videos, that will be used to tell the story and provide reference. Now that jet lag has subsided, I’m starting to organize everything i have for my final push towards completing my diploma work. I’ll have many more posts as I sort through all the amazing experiences of the past three weeks. Stay tuned!

Almost done . . . almost!

cranesbill 8-9

Nearly finished with my Geranium sanguineum (Bloody Cranesbill), which I’ve been grinding on for the past four weeks. Still some sharpening to do but for now it will sit and rest, as I head out for the Burren.  Many thanks to Instructor Susan DiMarchi and fellow classmates for pushing me to go darker, which made all the difference. Going to class and listening never fails to make the work a whole lot better. Duh.

More posts to come from the Ould Sod . . .