burren meadow

Just back from my second trip to the Burren in County Clare, where I was dazzled by the abundance and diversity of wildflowers. Everywhere I went I seemed to be knee deep in wildflowers. It is a much different atmosphere than what I saw in May of last year, where plants seemed to be fewer and far between. In fact, within 15 minutes of hiking through my first meadow I saw nearly everything on my list—all together! Bloody Cranesbill, harebells, Oxeye daisies, Mountain Avens, pyramdial orchids, and many, many more I couldn’t readily identify.


I tried to draw and sketch as much as possible, but again the near constant rain made it difficult. I did take dozens of photos, and videos, that will be used to tell the story and provide reference. Now that jet lag has subsided, I’m starting to organize everything i have for my final push towards completing my diploma work. I’ll have many more posts as I sort through all the amazing experiences of the past three weeks. Stay tuned!

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