Preliminary works

So, this is what I’ve been doing for the past week. Before memory fades, I’ve been trying to work out compositions in pencil for several of the plants I saw in the Burren in August. Using sketchbook drawings, photos, videos and memory, I am attempting to get it all on paper as quickly as possible. Above: Harebells; Sea bindweed; Mountain Avens; and the lovely Burnett rose. Very preliminary but it will give me something to build on as I move towards color. I still have a few to do— pyramidal orchids, Oxeye daisys, bog thistle, and a few more. I like this stage, where everything is still possible—working on tracing paper with a simple pencil. Next step, color swatches. Enough work to last through the end of the year for sure!

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Botanical artist and drawing instructor with a keen interest in the wonders of art and nature.

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