Plandaí Oidhreachta

So, what does one do when things get a bit dodgy at home? Dublin of course. And so, I took off for the Plandaí Oidhreachta— Irish Heritage Plants— exhibit opening on the day of upheaval here in the states. What a wonderful way to decompress and submerge, surrounded by creative and like-minded people. The opening of the exhibit was a big hit, very crowded, noisy, and festive. The work on display was astounding. The talent level in Ireland is off the charts and I was truly humbled to be allowed in the same room with these folks. The big takeaway for me was that I really need to step my game up. These artists are very serious about the work and tradition of botanical art. To stay with them I’ll really have to rededicate myself in the coming year. And so I will.

Anyway, had a memorable four days in a remarkable, bustling city teeming with youth, energy and optimism. Just the kind of shot in the arm I needed.