Here’s an early look at my long planned composite piece, “Burren symphony”. That’s the working title, ha. The idea came to me while I tiptoed through Burren meadows and watched in amazement as dozens of wildflowers—all sizes and colors— waved in the breeze and happily mingled together. It’s quite a sight. Anyway, this is the first rendition, me trying to work out a decent composition. Much more thinking and looking to come. A couple more redraws too. It’s still my favorite part of the process—just a pencil, paper and eraser. The plan is to complete a graphite version and a color pencil/watercolor version. Yeah, this could take awhile. The roster currently includes Mountain Avens, Bloody Cranesbill, Oxeye daisies, Harebells, and a couple of orchids. It will evolve.

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