This is the first in what I hope will be a series based on native wildflowers and found objects from the Burren (of course). Fanore beach is where I always begin my Burren trips, so these objects represent what I saw and picked up while walking along the coastal edge of that magical place. Shells, rocks, driftwood and old pieces of rope are typical of what you find on Irish beaches, but I must say, each beach does have its own personality and the ocean seemingly gives up unique objects depending on where you are.

Anyway, much more to do here—sharpening, more darks—but I am still liking the idea . . . colored pencil and graphite.


Work in Progress


I’ts been about three weeks since I returned from Ireland. The jet lag has finally worn off and I’m getting back into work mode. No teaching until fall so I really have no excuses. I’m including two pieces that are still in progress. The first is my attempt to capture the glorious spring gentians and early purple orchids that were intermingling all throughout the Burren. It was a truly amazing sight that I won’t ever be able to do justice. But I’ll try! It still needs something, currently trying to figure out what that is.

The second is a piece in graphite. I have started collecting objects from different locations, I brought back quite a lot from my recent trip. I would eventually like to create pieces that say something about the places I’ve traveled to through the objects I’ve found. Not an original concept by any stretch but one that really interests me now. Anyway, this one is a collection of things from Doug and Dana’s backyard. Again, still refining it. And a lot more to come I hope . . .