So here is what this summer has amounted to. Starting in late May I worked through my collection of “things” picked up at various locations around Ireland. I’ve created five variations on the theme “of Ireland”. Wasn’t entirely sure where I was going with this at the beginning but this is what I’ve discovered. 1) I like drawing things! Some are rather easy (beach rocks, feathers), some are really hard (shells, crabs, turf!), but it has been good for me to figure these things out. While not perfect by any means I’ve sharpened my graphite skills, and I’ve become more disciplined in how I approach the act of drawing.
2) More than anything, this has been a way for me to record my thoughts and feelings visually about the many new and fascinating places I visited. I guess it may only make sense to me because it’s sort of a pictorial code, but that’s ok. If you want to know just ask. Thinking now about how I might evolve this theme into something more . . .
Anyway, the working titles are Fanore; Wildberry; Inis mor; and Glendalough with possibly a couple more yet to go. Enjoy.

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