More serendipity!

I was reading a column in the paper early this morning (yes, I still read the paper at 6 am) about aging, that stated having a purpose/plan/passion as you age will extend your life. That and moving around, but I digress.

Then “ping” I get an email inviting me to be an artist in residence this summer up at Caribou Ranch, west of Nederland! WOW! That happened. It took me all of ten seconds to type YES in all caps. And so, I will spend a week up there hunting and drawing wildflowers sometime in July or August—schedule still being decided. Many thanks to the County of Boulder for inviting me, and for having such a cool AIR program in such an incredible location. For those that don’t know, this was a recording studio in the 70’s and 80’s that hosted rock n roll royalty, including Joe Walsh, Elton John, John Lennon, Stephen Stills and Michael Jackson to name just a few! And 2,000 plus acres of pristine landscape loaded with native fauna and flora. There will be a sketchbook and a fly rod involved! I’ll be “glamping” in the barn, with a solar shower and no wifi, but that’s just fine.

After several disappointments —and there are ALWAYS disappointments, this is a major kick in the pants from the Gods telling me to keep going. Keep trying to find my focus. Disappointments are like boulders in your way, you just need to walk over and around them. Now, i need to start planning, planning, planning. More to come.


Welcome to the Burren

wet me

As beautiful and charming as Ireland is, the weather can be unforgiving.

So it was as I landed at Shannon on May 4, 2015—my fifth trip to my ancestoral home. Chilly, showery, and fierce winds greeted me as I headed up to Doolin, which would serve as my base for a week of researching, and hopefully drawing, the wildflowers of the Burren. As part of an independent study project for my diploma in Botanical art and illustration at the Denver Botanic Gardens, I was determined to find and record as many examples of blooming wildflowers as possible the the short week I had. But I could tell already mother nature wasn’t going to make it easy.

burren cover